Our Members

12-3-13  Rep. Akbari_Raumesh_Official Blue Book Portrait

Raumesh Akbari

Democratic Floor Leader

District 91
Office No. 660
Rep. Karen D. Camper

Karen D. Camper

Caucus Treasurer

District 87
Office No. 582

John Ray Clemmons

District 55
Office No. 424
108th General Assembly -  House of Represenatatives

Barbara Cooper

District 86
Office No. 410

John J. DeBerry, Jr.

Leader Pro Tempore

District 90
Office No. 590
Rep. JoAnne Favors
District 29 — Part of Hamilton County

Joanne Favors

Democratic Whip

District 28
Office No. 586

Craig Fitzhugh

Democratic Leader

District 82
Office No. 664
Rep. Brenda Gilmore
District 54 — Part of Davidson County

Brenda Gilmore

District 54
Office No. 420
State Represenatative G.A. Hardaway

G.A. Hardaway

District 93
Office No. 580
Rep. Darren Jernigan

Darren Jernigan

District 60
Office No. 572
11-13-12 Love_Harold State Rep. Offical Blue Book Portrait

Harold M. Love, Jr.

Caucus Secretary

District 58
Office No. 584
Larry J. Miller

Larry J. Miller

District 88
Office No. 668

Antonio Parkinson

Caucus Vice Chair

District 98
Office No. 422
Joe Pitts

Joe Pitts

District 67
Office No. 670
Freshmen House Members

Mike Stewart

Caucus Chair

District 52
Office No. 662
110th General Assembly

Dwayne Thompson

District 96
Office No. 588

Joe Towns, Jr.

Assistant Democratic Leader

District 84
Office No. 416
Rep. Johnnie Turner, Memphis

Johnnie Turner

District 85
Office No. 578
105th Legislative Composite

John Mark Windle

District 41
Office No. 570